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What is Menus Master?
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Menus Master: the complete UI authoring solution
What is Menus Master?

Menus Master is a powerful solution allowing video games developers to easily create:

     • User Interfaces (UI)

     • Head-up displays (HUD)

Unlike other solutions, Menus Master is a complete toolchain, only dedicated to video games. It allows a quick and easy creation of UI, from concept to its integration into the game.

Menus Master was created by video game industry veteran, with more than 10 years experience in game UI creation. Initially developed as an internal tool at the French video games studio Delphine Software International, Menus Master is the result of more than 6 years of R&D.

Menus Master has already been used in real conditions to achieve production of several AAA games, amongst them the Moto Racer series, which sold more than 8 million units worldwide.

Menus Master is based on a fully open architecture, upgradeable to follow the evolution of the video game market.

Menus Master is compatible with any existing market’s platforms, present and next generation.

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Why using Menus Master?

The importance of the UI in video games is often underestimated; efforts are generally concentrated on the game’s concept and on its realization, to the detriment of the UI.

However, the UI is critical in a video game. It is the first contact a player has with a game, and the player has to deal with it every time he plays the game.

A good UI will never make a good game, but an irritating UI is the quickest way to make someone stop playing your game, however excellent its other qualities.

Listed here are the most common issues encountered during the development of a video game UI:

Designing UI is time and money consuming.
Integrating UI into the production pipeline is difficult.
Testing and previewing procedures are complex.
UI authoring requires expensive full time programmer's assistance.

Menus Master solves all these issues and more by providing a powerful solution, so that video games can fully express their potential, and no longer be ruined by an irritating UI.

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