Menus Master - Video Game Edition
Menus Master - Video Game Edition is a powerful solution allowing video games developers to easily create User Interfaces (UI), Head-up displays (HUD) and In-Game Menus.

Unlike other solutions, Menus Master is a complete toolchain, only dedicated to video games. It allows a quick and easy creation of UI, from concept to its integration into the game.

Menus Master - Video Game Edition helps Designers and Engineers to dramatically reduce the time it takes to author any sophisticated User Interface.

Menus Master is based on a fully open architecture, upgradeable to follow the evolution of the video game market.

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Menus Master - Mobile Phone Edition
Menus Master - Mobile Phone Edition brings the best video game user interface (UI) authoring solution to the mobile phone & handled device industry.

Menus Master - Mobile Phone Edition is a small-sized fully customizable UI framework and development toolchain, dedicated for embedded devices, and completely graphics API- and engine- agnostic.

User Interfaces authored with Menus Master Mobile can be quickly and easily deployed on any OpenGL® ES device running on any Operating System.

Cut down on costs and reduce risks, take advantage of the very demanding needs of video game developers to upgrade your mobile phone's user interface to the next generation.

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Why using Menus Master in your product?

The User interface is the gateway between technological innovations and a usable product. The User interface plays a huge part in delivering user experience; technology alone may not win user acceptance and subsequent marketability.

Make a difficult and slow interface and people will get frustrated and annoyed. Make a great interface and people will enjoy using your product.

Listed here are the most common issues encountered during the development of a User Interface:

     • Designing UI is time and money consuming.
     • Integrating UI into the production pipeline is difficult.
     • Testing and previewing procedures are complex.
     • UI authoring requires expensive full time programmer's assistance.
     • ...

Menus Master solves all these issues and goes beyond, by providing a complete solution dedicated to User Interface authoring, resulting from more than 14 years experience in the field, so that your products can fully express their potential, and no longer be ruined by an irritating User Interface.

What are the benefits of using Menus Master?

Company Benefits:

• Significant time and cost savings: up to 80% of the UI can be authored without programmers assistance.

• Lower schedule risk, due to reliable production pipeline.

• Improve team labour efficiency.

• UI data integration can be included in the workflow.

Artists Benefits:

• Short learning curve and rapid workflow.

• Rapid prototyping of UI concepts.

• 2D, 3D, Text, Sound, Video, Flash in one tool, with familiar environment.

• 3D engines can be integrated to get a perfect rendering of the UI as it would be on screen in the final application.

• Intelligent resources management: no resources lost, no time wasted to look for them.

Programmers Benefits:

• Flexible integration into any custom pipeline.

• Designers can produce UI data independently.

• All data managed by Menus Master is integrated within one sole reallocatable file, optimized for each platform.

• Data is optimized according to each platform's constraints.

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